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so muh attitude it's Alantude

Why do we limit ourselves and push aside creative ideas? We can not continue living in a life full of limitations.

That is what Alan is. Making imagination a reality.

Alan Gonzalez is a Texas raised Mexican that discovered fashion design through his love of theater.

He graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in 2012 and graduated from the Fashion Design program at HCC in 2016. Immediately after graduating, Alan began his own fashion brand of custom women's evening wear named Alantude. Since then he has shown on countless runways, been seen on numerous outlets of press, and has been blessed to become a nationally recognized brand. 

Alan starred on season 18 of Project Runway on Bravo and also hosts Project Runway Redemption. He moved to New York in 2020 to continue his career in the big apple. His home and love will always be in Houston as he continues to run after the world that is moving way faster than he can keep up with.

His personality is what drives his brand. From being able to hear him a mile a way, and having the drive of a four wheel truck, Alan has the desire and passion to go far. With God leading him every step of the way, with a supportive single mother, and a caring little brother, Alan has made it past many obstacles and will continue to move forward.



New York, NY

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