Working To Help Those Affected In Our Community

100 % of mask sales will be donated. Thank you for the support!



In this two part video segment, Alan takes us through his thoughts for last collection. Inspired by the global pandemic, gloves have been sewn directly into the garments to help remind users of cross contamination and leave only one hand for use. His signature black flat top hat has been turned into a face shield by adding a hand sewn clear element, but staying fashion forward. And his signature ponchos now come with a matching face mask.


our latest collection

Inspired by the global pandemic comes the thought of what fashion is today.

Alantude 2019 FW-47.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-46.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-45.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-44.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-42.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-39.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-40.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-38.jpg


Our designer Alan is still on set filming two different tv shows and won't be able to make a physical spring show happen. We will still release a collection online and you can shop virtually. We thank all of you that were ready to see the Alantude team in person and we hope to see you in the fall. Stay safe and stay fabulous!