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100 % of mask sales will be donated. Thank you for the support!



In this two part video segment, Alan takes us through his thoughts for last collection. Inspired by the global pandemic, gloves have been sewn directly into the garments to help remind users of cross contamination and leave only one hand for use. His signature black flat top hat has been turned into a face shield by adding a hand sewn clear element, but staying fashion forward. And his signature ponchos now come with a matching face mask.


our latest collection

Inspired by the global pandemic comes the thought of what fashion is today.

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As our numbers grow and we continue to give back to the community, we need your help. Please consider donating directly to Alantude so that we may grow our team, buy more fabric, acquire the materials needed, and help us help others.

Alantude 2019 FW-47.jpg

Who Can Wear These Masks?

Though everyone looks amazing in an Alantude mask, these are specifically designed for those that are not at the front line or critically ill. These masks have been built with fashion in mind. They are mostly meant for the general public that is healthy and having to run minimal errands during these lock down times. This can protect you better than walking out with a bare face, but are not as effective as a certified N95 mask. Help stop the spread, wear an Alantude mask and leave the N95 ones for the medical professionals in need.


Face Masks Leave Our Website February

If you are sick and in need of medical help, you on the wrong site queen.

Please contact your local health responders and get tested.