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Inspired by his friends going through depression Alantude made the Fall Winter 2018 collection mimic those rainy grey days. All grey linen designs were hand dyed to resemble fabric that has been through a drizzle of rain. The print in blue silk has silver streaks to look as a modern interpretation of rain streaks. And this season is when Alan finally brought his own wardrobe of ponchos to the runways of Alantude.

2018 FW Alantude-13.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-14.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-24.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-149.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-75.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-77.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-123.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-200.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-163.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-111.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-67.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-58.jpg
Charlie Horse - DSC_9812.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-56.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-70.jpg
2018 FW Alantude-98.jpg
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