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Our Fall Winter 2019 collection was inspired by the future and space travel. With this idea of Space City came the idea of fashion in space. The idea of flying off and starting new adventures in new areas. It’s been 50 years since we landed on the moon, and since then we have been obsessed with getting away from Earth. But in that excitement did we forget to look at the only home humans can actually live on? As we continue to pollute our own air the idea of being choked rushed to Alan’s head. How do we stay looking fabulous and still survive this new frontier? The show was set under a 50ft tall moon in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The models walked under it with a collection of grays, white, and black. All designs have face coverings as the designer envisioned everyone would eventually have to cover their faces as many cities in other countries already do due to air pollution.

Alantude 2019 FW-12.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-11.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-38.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-39.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-46.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-44.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-40.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-43.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-42.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-31.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-45.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-47.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-15.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-16.jpg
Alantude 2019 FW-49.jpg
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